Table of Contents

Neurodiversity: Conflicting Perspectives on Autism
       by Katherine Cohen

"Don't Go in that Neighborhood, You'll Probably Get Raped": How White Masculinity Benefits  
       from the Myth of the Black Rapist
       by Katelyn Esmonde

Falling Between the Cracks: Canada's Seniors and Pharmacare Reform
       by Chris Murray

Fighting an Uphill Battle: Determinants of Inequalities in the Health of a Young Alcoholic
       by David Plotkin

The Role of Detention in Recidivism and Delinquent Behavior
       by Alexandra Roy

For the Love or God: Questioning the Popular Fallacy that the Reported Low Rates of Marital
       Quality in Religiously Heterogamous Couples Are Due to Differences in Religious Beliefs
       by Amina Samy

From Independence to Authoritarianism: The State's Role in the Rise and Fall of Zimbabwe   
       by Sarah Topps

The Saffron Battle: The Monastic Revolution for Democracy
       by Ka Yan Hui